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Just because your teeth are healthy does not necessarily mean that you like the way they look. However, Dr. Faustino Garcia and Dr. Oliver Mayoral do not recommend removing and replacing otherwise healthy, functional teeth for purely aesthetic reasons. For patients with good oral health who want nicer-looking teeth, they recommend veneers. Dental veneers in coral gablesDental veneers attach to the front of your existing teeth to conceal imperfections like stains, crookedness and cracks. Some patients will get a single veneer to improve an imperfect tooth, and others may choose to get an entire row for a uniform appearance. Patients can choose the precise shade, size and shape of their prosthetics to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of. Veneers are cosmetic in nature and not intended to address any health issues your teeth may have. In fact, our doctors will want to address any lingering dental problems like cavities before covering your teeth with veneers. Garcia | Mayoral Dentistry offers two types of veneers, each with their own merits: porcelain and composite.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are glass prosthetic shells that attach to the front of your teeth. Our doctors will file down the front of your natural teeth so that they can permanently bond the veneers to them. Porcelain veneers are highly durable, typically lasting 10 to 20 years depending on the amount of care they receive. Some patients with misaligned teeth opt for veneers rather than orthodontics treatment, considering it a quicker and easier way to show off straight teeth.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers utilize tooth-colored composite resin, the same kind of material used in tooth bonding procedures. Our doctors will heat the resin and then sculpt it to your teeth to create whatever aesthetic changes you have requested. This is a non-invasive procedure, but the results are not nearly as durable, with the average lifespan of composite veneers coming in at around 5 years.

Deciding Between Porcelain and Composite Veneers

Porcelain & composite veneers in coral gablesPorcelain veneers are significantly more expensive than composite veneers, but last much longer. They also tend to look more realistic and reflect light in a way that real teeth do. Porcelain is harder to stain, so it should be easier to keep them looking the bright white shade that you picked out for longer. The potential downside is that porcelain veneers are a lifelong commitment. Because your natural teeth need to be shaved down to fit the porcelain veneers, when the veneers have reached the end of their lifespan, you cannot simply remove the veneers and choose not to replace them. In contrast, composite veneers do not permanently alter your teeth, so when those wear away, you will have the choice to get veneers again or return to your normal teeth.

Speak to Our Experts about Veneers

If you are considering giving your teeth an upgrade with veneers, our doctors will elaborate on the particulars of the procedure so that you can make a fully informed decision. For the perfect smile you have always wanted, schedule a consultation at Garcia | Mayoral Dentistry by calling (305) 444-4300.
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